Speech Pathology for Adults

The services provided to adults are currently limited to the following areas:


Your voice is the way in which you express emotion, thought and ideas and therefore a vocal disorder can be very concerning for people who rely on their voices for a living – teachers, actors or singers. A consultation with an Ear Nose and Throat specialist is a necessary first step. Following this, a thorough assessment by a Speech Pathologist provides the necessary information for an individualised treatment programme to be implemented.

Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

Difficulties often acquired as a result of stroke or other neurological conditions.

Speech pathologists have the specialist skills to assist adults with neurological conditions such as stroke, head injury and Parkinson’s Disease. Speech Pathologists can assist with managing your swallowing difficulties.


Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder. This frequently occurs after stroke, brain injury or with progressive neurological illness, and is observed when the muscles of the mouth, face, and respiratory system become weak, move slowly, or do not move at all. A Speech Pathologist can help make your speech more intelligible.

Swallowing Difficulties

Swallowing difficulties can often arise after stroke, progressive neurological illness (e.g. Parkinsons Disease) and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases.  Speech Pathologists may be able to assist you with improving your swallowing function or ensuring your safety during drinking and mealtimes.

Your Initial Appointment – Assessment

Prior to intervention taking place, Zoe Ward Speech Pathology may use a variety of assessment strategies, both formal and informal, to gain a complete understanding of the clients needs. Assessment sessions may require two sessions to complete. Results are then discussed and a report is completed, outlining the presenting problem and recommendations for therapy. Please have any reports or previous assessments relating to your communication or swallowing difficulty available, as this may assist with assessment and treatment.

Subsequent Sessions – Treatment

Following assessment, an individualised therapy plan will be developed in consultation with the client. As well as our professional goals, your goals are our priority. Therapy sessions are typically 45 minutes, and may include home work activities. Longer sessions are available for those that require it.

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